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STN® Gives You Access to an integrated, global network of the most important and comprehensive science and intellectual property information to answer business-critical questions. Access key databases from the world’s most respected producers on STN, the premier single source for the world’s disclosed scientific and technical information.

Search STN, Your Premier, Single Source for the World’s Disclosed Scientific and Technical Information including journal literature, patents, chemical structures, physical properties, sequences and more. With STN, you can find information on a wide range of disciplines within the full scope of natural, technical and applied sciences, including:

  • Bioscience
  • Biotechnology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Energy and Environment
  • Engineering
  • Health and Safety
  • Materials Science
  • Medicine 
  • Nanotechnology
  • Patents
  • Pharmacology
  • Toxicology and more
  • You can count on STN.

    STN is Your Only Single Source for Complete CAS content, Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) and the INPADOC Family of Databases and other key science, technology and patent databases. View the full list of databases or view the STN Database Clusters (PDF).

    • Unsurpassed Substance and Sequence Searching. Access the largest and most reliable collection of the world’s disclosed chemical substance information with databases including CAS REGISTRYSM - the gold standard of chemical information, CASREACT®, DGENE (GENESEQ™), USGENE®, PCTGEN, MARPAT® and the Derwent Chemistry Resource of the Derwent World Patents Index – making STN your comprehensive source for substance and sequence information.
    • Your Source for Superior Biomedical Information and Pharmacovigilance. Access key biomedical databases such as ADISNEWS, BIOSIS®, EMBASE and MEDLINE®. Reliable and precise alerts make STN the best source to keep you up-to-date on key biomedical information to support compliance and cutting-edge research.
    • The Choice of Patent Experts. STN integrates key patent databases, non-patent literature (e.g., journals, dissertations, conference proceedings, chemical catalogs) used to determine patentability, state of the art, infringement and the legal status. Full text databases include the European Patent Office (EPFULL), United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPATFULL/USPAT2/USPTOLD) and World Intellectual Property Organization (PCTFULL). Patent searchers and patent offices around the world rely on STN.


    STN News - What's New on STN

       September, 2015 | PatentPak - A Time Saving
       Solution for IP Professionals - Is Coming to STN
       in Early 2016!
       July/August, 2015 | Latest New STN Release Features
       Eight New Databases Including MARPAT from CAS for
       Markush Structure Searching
       June, 2015 | CAS REGISTRY – 50 Years Strong, 100
       Million Substances Driving Your Research


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