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New German Patents Full-Text Database, DEFULL, Now Available on STN®

DEFULL provides the full text of German patent applications, granted patent and utility models in German and machine-translated English on STN. The German patent office publishes the highest number of patent applications among the national offices in Europe; most recently the number has been around 65,000 applications annually.

Records contain bibliographic data, IPC and CPC classification codes plus the searchable text of the complete documents. Records comprise all documents published for one DE application number.

The text fields are available in German and machine translated to English. Numeric values of 55 physical and chemical properties in almost 1,800 unit variants are searchable in all English language text fields (title, abstract, descriptions, claims). Legal status data, patent and non-patent citations, and family information from the INPADOCDB database are also available.

DEFULL contains over 5.9 million records and about 2.4 million front page images. Upon release, the application years 2003 to date will be available, and a backfile to 1877 is planned. The file entry banner will inform about the lowest application year loaded.

DEFULL is updated weekly. New documents with text in German and English enter the database a week after publication. PATDPAFULL, which contains the text in German only, will continue to be updated on the day of publication.

For more information, see the DEFULL Database Summary Sheet.

2014 Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) Now Available in MEDLINE® on STN

The 2014 MeSH is now available in MEDLINE on STN! The highlights of the new MeSH include:

If you are running alerts in MEDLINE, or if you have saved search strategies, please review your alerts and saved search strategies to see if they should be updated with 2014 MeSH terms.

Probable Patent Assignee Information Now Updated Weekly in IFIALL

Probable Patent Assignee (/PPA) information in IFIALL is now updated weekly rather than monthly. The PPA field provides the likely assignee for U.S. patent documents which do not provide this information, and is algorithmically generated based on other information in the record, such as the patent agent or inventors. PPA information is a unique feature of the IFIALL database.

Probable Patent Assignee information may be searched in the PPA field. Alternately, for comprehensive patent assignee information searches, use the /PASS super search field to simultaneously search the Patent Assignee (/PA), Patent Assignee in Non-Standard Format (/PAF) and PPA fields.

If you are running monthly current awareness alerts in IFIALL, you may wish to convert your alerts to weekly delivery to take advantage of the more frequent PPA updating.

Chinese Dissertations Added to CAplusSM

CAS is enhancing its coverage of dissertations to include Chinese dissertations from 2011-2012 and has already added more than 1,200 to CAplus. Another ~7,000 Chinese dissertations will be added in 2014. These records complement the nearly 570,000 dissertations already in CAplus.

Updated Enzyme Nomenclature Improves Access to Biological Information in CAS REGISTRYSM

Throughout 2014, CAS will be updating the CA Index Name (also referred to as the preferred name) for existing enzyme records in REGISTRY. Uninverted forms of the enzyme name will now be used as the preferred name instead of the inverted form of the name. The inverted name will be retained as a synonym in the CN field in REGISTRY.

For example, the preferred name for CAS Registry Number® (RN) 9001-03-0 will be updated to be carbonate dehydratase instead of dehydratase, carbonate. Newly registered enzymes will use the uninverted enzyme name as the preferred name, and the inverted format of the enzyme name will be included as a synonym in the CN field.

For comprehensive searching, use the enzyme RN as well as its inverted and uninverted name.

First Emtree Update for 2014 Now Available in EmbaseTM and Embase Alert

The first Emtree thesaurus update for 2014 is now available in Embase and Embase Alert. The new release adds 1,772 preferred terms (139 drug terms and 1,633 non-drug terms, including many organism names, both common and scientific) compared to the previous version from September 2013. Emtree now includes 68,671 preferred terms. Information on the new terms is available at

Customers running SDIs in Embase and/or Embase Alert should consult the new thesaurus to determine if the search terms in their strategies need to be updated.

Reminder: STN Express®, Version 8.5.2, Now Available

The new version of STN Express is available free to all STN login ID holders, and can be downloaded from the STN Software License and Download website. Key features in this release include:

  • Compatibility with Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Improved structure drawing and displays
  • Updated Create and Edit SDI Wizards now support RSS delivery of alert results
  • Revised Property and Spectra Wizards to reflect the current STN database offering
  • Enhanced CAS REGISTRY BLAST performance
  • Fixes for a variety of reported software issues
  • The new 'Transcript name' field in the Table Tool allows identification of the source transcript for each record in a multiple transcript Table

Update your version of STN Express to 8.5.2 today to take advantage of these new features. Contact your local STN Service Center if you have any questions or need assistance.

January 2014: In This Issue
New STN Platform Update


Version Two of New STN Delivers Global Patent Content and New Features

Version Two of new STN launched in December 2013, with additional global patent content and new functionality.

Seven additional patent databases, including US, WO, EP, JP, CN and IN full text and INPADOCbib, expand global IP coverage. New features integrate content and enhance workflow efficiency to support a broad array of IP search projects.

Extended Patent Family Tables integrate patent information from CAplus, DWPISM, INPADOC and full-text databases to provide a complete view of an invention. Other updates in Version Two include:

  • A structure query attribute panel that provides a convenient way to view and edit query attributes
  • The ability to create term lists for efficient transfer of data elements between databases
  • Easy updating of results sets from existing queries with the most current available content

New STN is currently available to all fixed fee users at Look for more content and exciting features planned for release in 2014!

Bookmark the new STN Platform webpage and check back often as we will be providing additional information at various development stages.

Science IP

abcdScience IP, the CAS Search Service, contributes monthly articles describing best practices and useful information from real searches. This month's article answers the question: "Why do some CAS Registry Number Identifiers Have Asterisks?"

Faced with a challenging search or require comprehensive results? Contact the expert research staff at Science IP.

Upcoming Training

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January 28, 2014
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST
Fundamentals of MARPAT
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February 24-26, 2014
Cambridge, MA
PIUG 2014 Biotechnology Conference


STN System Requirements Updated

The STN system requirements have been updated. Requirements for the new STN platform are included for the first time.

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