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New IFIALL Database on STN® Increases U.S. Patent Retrieval Capabilities

The IFIALL database replaces the IFIPAT, IFIUDB and IFICDB databases on STN. IFIALL is a comprehensive bibliographic U.S. patent database providing enhanced retrieval capabilities to all users and simplifying IFI database selection.

IFIALL covers U.S. granted patents and applications, including:

  • Chemical and chemically related patents from 1950 to the present
  • Mechanical and electrical patents from 1963 to the present
  • Design patents from 1980 to the present
  • U.S. applications published since March 15, 2001

IFIALL provides value-added indexing (Value-added indexing applies to records added through January, 2011) previously available only to IFI subscribers, including:  

  • Indexing by Uniterms for chemical patents
  • Fragment codes for substructure searching of chemical substances
  • Role indicators for chemical substances

IFIALL continues to provide Predicted Patent Assignee information, which is frequently cited by customers as a unique and valuable feature of the database.

Interested in the new IFIALL database on STN? In addition to its Database Summary Sheet and updated HELP messages within the database, you can also now refer to our Getting the Most out of the IFIALL Database on STN presentation. Click here to access.

Find the Most Comprehensive and Timely Results When Searching the Newly Enhanced Embase Alert together with EmbaseTM

Embase Alert (EMBAL) on STN will be enhanced to make its content strictly complementary to Embase (EMBASE) by eliminating overlapping content. This change will improve search efficiency and increase the synergy of the EMBASE content collection on STN. EMBAL will contain, at any given time, ~100,000 novel records not yet available in EMBASE. STN customers requiring comprehensive search results should search both databases and include both in their alert strategies.

For the benefit of prior art searchers, a new field, ED.FIR, is being added to EMBAL and EMBASE, which provides information on the first entry date of records into the databases:

  • Provided for all new EMBAL records, including articles-in-press records, which entered EMBAL on or after July 1, 2013
  • Retained when a record moves from EMBAL into EMBASE to ensure awareness of the first availability of this content in either database
  • Replaces ED.AIP in both databases

For an example of the additional retrieval provided by Embase Alert, see here.

New PV Cluster on STN Simplifies Pharmacovigilance Alerting and Searching

A new cluster for pharmacovigilance (PV) searchers is available on STN. The PV cluster consists of the following databases:

  • CAplusSM
  • Embase
  • Embase Alert

Searchers entering FILE PV at an arrow prompt will begin a multifile search in the databases listed above. The new PV cluster makes it easier to search the most common PV databases and set up multifile alerts on STN. For more information click here

INPAFAMDB: SEARCH and SELECT options and definition for basic patent improved

New detailed SEARCH and SELECT options have been introduced for the basic patent document in INPAFAMDB family records. Besides the publication date the basic patent definition now also considers the kind of publication.

These improvements mean additional options for invention-based searching and a significantly faster possibility to transfer INPAFAMDB search results to other databases.

The complete patent publication information for the basic patent can be searched and selected.

Content  SEARCH /
Patent Number, Basic  PN.B  PI.B
Patent Number/Kind Code, Basic  PNK.B  PI.B
Patent Kind Code, Basic  PK.B    PI.B
Patent Country, Basic  PC.B  PI.B
Publication Year, Basic  PY.B  PI.B
Publication Date, Basic  PD.B   PI.B


By using basic patent search fields in INPAFAMDB searches are limited to the earliest existent publication of a patent family. SELECT PN.B, PNK.B, PK.B, PC.B, PY.B and PD.B extract information for one representative member of the INPAFAMDB patent family, which is helpful for invention-based statistics and for transfer into other databases.

To make sure that the basic patent is a published document and not only an announcement of the filing of an application, the basic patent definition has been improved.

CAS Expands Coverage of Brazilian, Romanian, Swiss and Malaysian Patents

CAS expanded its kind code coverage of chemistry and chemistry-relevant Brazilian, Swiss and Romanian patents. In addition, the backfile of Malaysian kind code A patents (granted patents and utility models) has been expanded to include 2009.

The chemical indexing provided by CAS for the Brazilian U2 utility model applications, Romanian A0 applications, and Swiss A1 and A2 applications gives users the ability to retrieve information on new inventions from these countries sooner than before. This also means novel substances from these patents will be available to users in CAS REGISTRY® more quickly.

The 2013 Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances in China is Now Available from CAS

The addition of the Inventory of the Existing Chemical Substances in China (IECSC) to the thirteen national inventories already in CHEMLIST® on STN! The Regulated Chemical Lists (CHEMLIST) database offers one convenient location for identifying the regulatory requirements for substances from worldwide lists.

The IECSC includes more than 42,000 substances, each with a corresponding CAS Registry Number® or IECSC serial number and more than 3,200 additional confidential substances provided by the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The IECSC chemical name appears in the Chemical Name (CN) field tagged as IECSC and will display On IECSC in the Inventory (INV) field. Unique enhanced content on STN has been provided by substance identification experts at CAS that have verified, corrected or assigned new CAS Registry Numbers as appropriate.

Reload of TULSA and TULSA2 Databases on STN

The following enhancements and changes in TULSA and TULSA2 are as follows:

  • DOIs have been added to the database
  • The Numeric Property Search (NPS) feature has been installed. For more information, see HELP NPS or click here. A current list of all databases including this feature can be found here
  • A new version of the Thesaurus was loaded in December 2012

PCTFULL documents with Chinese, Japanese, or Korean as filing language have English machine translations

PCTFULL documents with Chinese, Japanese or Korean as filing language have been enhanced with more than 270,000 original descriptions and claims as well as their English machine translations. The large majority of documents with Chinese, Japanese and Korean as filing language are now available with searchable English machine translated full text.

INPADOC: Legal status for Costa Rica available

Legal status information from Costa Rica (RC) was added to the INPADOC database in week 2013/28 (UPLS 20120711). Costa Rican legal status data cover events for patent applications and utility model applications back to 1990. According to EPO regular updates on Costa Rican legal status are expected.

The following legal status events are included:

CRFC    REFUSAL [solicitud denegada]
CRMK  EXPIRY [patente caduca]
CRMC  ANNULMENT [patente anulada]
   PROCEDURE [solicitud rechazada]
   (GRANTING PROCEDURE) [solicitud
   LAPSED [solicitud archivada-retiro]
   [patente archivada-renuncia]


INFULL and JPFULL Databases Are Included in the STN Fixed-Fee Program

For STN Fixed-Fee Customers, the addition of two new patent full-text databases to STN and to the STN Fixed-Fee Program:

  • INFULL - Indian full-text patents. Provides English language translations of patent applications and granted patents. To learn more about INFULL on STN, click here
  • JPFULL - Japanese full-text patents. Coverage includes patent applications, granted patents and utility models in machine-translated English. More information on JPFULL is available here

JPFULL and INFULL also feature the powerful STN Numeric Property Search feature, which is also available in 15 other patent and non-patent databases.

September 2013: In This Issue
New STN Platform Update

STN Revolutionizes Patent Searching for Professionals

Version One of the new STN platform is taking STN to new heights. Catch a glimpse of exciting advancements on the horizon in this video.

  • Check out a recent blog written about new STN.
  • Check out the recent article on new STN published in InfoToday Newsbreaks.

More New Platform Product News and Media Releases:

Bookmark The New STN Platform webpage and check back often as we will be providing additional information at various development stages.

What's New with STN Version One

Version One now offers an in-product support feature that simplifies the process of providing feedback, including enhancement suggestions or requesting search support. From the Contact Us link customers may now directly contact the Customer Center.

The new feature provides:

  • Easy communication and reporting of comments and suggestions
  • Pre-populated customer information
  • The ability to designate your preferred mode of contact
Science IP

Science IP, the CAS Search Service, contributes monthly articles describing best practices and useful information from real searches. This month's article examines creating custom tables for efficient analysis of STN results.

Faced with a challenging search or require comprehensive results? Contact the expert research staff at Science IP.

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September 29-October 2
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