Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) Country Coverage Update - Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia

The following enhancements were announced on December 14, 2012:
  • Additional Malaysia Backfile content back to the beginning of 2005
  • Enhanced coverage of Thailand to include registration numbers and changes to the publication date
  • New coverage of Indonesia - the 50th data source in DWPI
See more about DWPI Country Coverage Updates.

Emtree Thesaurus Update in EmbaseTM Database on STN

The first update in 2013 to Emtree, the Embase thesaurus, was completed on December 16, 2012. This latest thesaurus version features:
  • 161 new drug terms
  • 896 non-drug terms
There were 513 new preferred terms and synonyms added to Emtree's devices branch.

Customers running SDIs in Embase may wish to consult the new thesaurus to determine if the search terms in their strategies need to be updated.

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2012 At Your Command

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2012 Science IP and Search Tip of the Month
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Feature Articles

Passing Science - March 2012: Founding member of the Patent Information Users Group (PIUG), Dr. Stuart M. Kaback is recognized for his contributions in polymer science and engineering patent information. He earned the Herman Skolnik award (1999) from the American Chemical Society for outstanding achievement in chemical information and the International Patent Information (IPI) Award (2001). The patent information advocate died on February 12, 2012. Read more >>

In the News - May 2012
: A recent article describes how the STN tool, ANALYZE PLUS, and analysis and visualization software, STN®  AnaVistTM, were used in a case study of Kosan Biosciences. Read more >>

In the News - July 2012: Scientists at E.I. DuPont de Nemours used STN AnaVist to summarize 779 publications on reaction products containing n-perfluoroalkyl chains. Read more >>

January 2013: In this Issue
New STN Platform Update
Beta of Version One Released December 12, 2012

Version One of the new STN platform is now available in beta for Fixed-Fee customers. This is the first major milestone in a multi-year initiative to create the next generation of STN, the choice of patent experts. Read more >>

More New Platform Product News and Media Releases:
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Upcoming Training

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New User Resource for Basic STN E-Learning Tutorials

A great resource for new users is now available at /training/stn/stnbasics. CAS offers a collection of training resources that are organized into self-guided learning paths. STN Basics include interactive tutorials and workbooks designed to guide you through three curricula covering bibliographic searching, substance searching and structure drawing.
For on-demand STN training resources, please visit CAS Learning Solutions at http://learning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and quick reference cards are available to help new users with Learning Solutions.

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January 15
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Introduction to Derwent World Patents Index on STN

January 29
STN Structure Search Using Filters and Screens

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2012 CAS Customer Center Q&A

Q. How can I find reactions that convert an amide to a primary amine?
A. You can use functional groups to find general or broadly defined chemical reactions of interest in CASREACT, the CAS database with reaction information from millions of published journal articles andpatent documents. Read more>>

Q. Are backfile records updated with new patent equivalents for the Eurasian Patent Organization eligible for SDI Alerts on STN?
A. Yes, backfile records updated with new patent equivalents are eligible for SDIs on STN. Use either Update Date, Patent Family (UPP) or Update Code, Maximum (UPM) and ensure the elimination or exclusion of previously retrieved answers option is turned OFF.

Q. How can I find the RSS URL associated with an SDI alert profile after it has been set up?
A. The URL can be found by displaying the saved SDI profile using DISPLAY PROFILENAME/S at the command line, where PROFILENAME is the name of the SDI profile of interest.

Q. How can I access the full-text article using the DOI information in a CAplus record?
A. You can access the full-text article using the DOI information from a CAplus record in several ways:
  1. Navigate to CrossRef (
    and copy the DOI of interest into CrossRef’s DOI resolver.
  2. Turn the DOI into a URL by appending with the DOI information (e.g., DOI: 10.1021/ol203188h would become
  3. Search for the DOI directly in your Web
Q. What are the sources for DOI information in CA/CAplus family of databases?
A. DOI information is provided both by journal and book publishers, as well as by CrossRef. CAS validates all DOIs against the CrossRef authority files to ensure quality.

How do I set up a SDI package?
To set up a SDI package, enter the multifile environment you wish to search. Unless you search each database separately, enter SET MSTEPS ON to create L-numbers for each database you search in a multifile search environment. Enter SDI PACKAGE at the arrow prompt and follow the prompts.

How do I edit a current SDI package (e.g., change from monthly to weekly package delivery)?
To edit a current SDI package, enter the same databases as in your original SDI package and type SDI EDIT followed by the name of the SDI package (name/S). Follow the prompts and select the number corresponding to the feature you wish to change.

Q. How do I remove a database from a weekly
SDI package?

A. To remove a database, enter the following at the prompt: DEL .

Q. Where can I learn more about the Numeric Property Search feature?
A. The Numeric Property Search feature, now available in a number of STN patent databases, supports precise searching within the text of specific values for more than 50 physical and chemical properties, even if the searched value falls within a range of values noted in the text or is measured in different units. For more information see here.

Q. Why do some substances in CAS REGISTRY have zero references? How can I learn more about these substances?
A. Records in REGISTRY represent substances indexed for the CAS databases (CA/CAplus, CASREACT, CHEMCATS, CHEMLIST, MARPAT) and other databases in products such as SciFinder and STN. Substances that come from sources other than literature or patent publications may not contain any references. CAS indexes these substances to support registration policies, chemical libraries, chemical catalogs, web sources, reaction databases and data collections not represented in STN. To learn more about a substance in CAS REGISTRY that does not have any literature or patent references in an STN database, consult the following fields:
  • Source of Registrations (SR): For CAS Registry Numbers 97314-93-7 and higher, the SR field indicates the reason for first registering the substance. You can EXPAND or SEARCH the content of the SR field.

  • Class Identifier (CI): For substances registered to support CAS registration policies, the CI field may provide additional insights as to why the substance was registered.
See specific examples and search tips for Substances with zero literature or patent references.

Q. How often are Conference Abstract and Conference Review records added to Embase?
A. Conference Abstracts and Conference Reviews follow the normal daily update schedule for new Embase content.

Q. What are the sources of Embase conference information?
A. The majority of the Conference Abstract records are from conferences published within journals, but some content is from book series.

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