Predict When CAS REGISTRYSM Hits 70 Million Organic and Inorganic Substances!

By the end of 2012, CAS expects to register the 70 millionth organic or inorganic substance. Predict the date and time when CAS REGISTRY hits 70 million organic and inorganic substances for a chance to win a Kindle Fire® or Nook® (based on entry date). To enter or for Contest Rules, visit the CAS REGISTRY counter on the CAS website.

Database News

Expanded Embase® Database Coverage on STN Includes More Biomedical and Pharmacological Content from Conferences

On September 22, 2012, STN enhanced Embase coverage to include Conference Abstracts and Conference Reviews, including a backfile of more than 800,000 records. Conference Abstract records include abstracts, full indexing and controlled terminology from the Emtree thesaurus. Conference Review records include abstracts, key topics and the number of papers presented at the conference.

Reload of METADEX – Effect on SDIs and Saved Answers

METADEX database reloaded on September 22, 2012. The reloaded METADEX database has many enhancements, including coverage of patent documents, the numeric property search feature, and simultaneous left- and right truncation in title (/TI) and abstract (/AB) fields. The reload impacted SDIs and saved answer sets:
  • The monthly SDI for August ran after the reload. The last update and SDI run was end of July.
  • The monthly SDI for September ran at the beginning of October.
  • SDIs and saved queries remain available after the reload.
  • Because the accession number format changed with the reload, SDI history and saved answer sets (except for the query itself) are lost after the reload.
  • Entry dates of 2012 were kept, but other backfile records have new entry dates.
If you run a manual profile, please check if this could affect you.

For further information, see HELP RLOAD or contact your local STN Help Desk.

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At Your Command

Learn tips on how you can get the most out of the STN command language.

EDIT Alerts to Add Databases or Make Changes

Use the SDI EDIT (ALERT EDIT) command to add databases or make changes to a multifile alert. To add a database:
  1. Enter all databases including those from the existing alert and the new database.
  2. ACTIVATE the existing search query associated with the alert or create a new one specifically tailored to the new database.
  3. Enter SDI EDIT MFILE and the name of the saved multifile SDI.
  4. Type ADD at the “Enter Line Number” prompt and complete the change by providing a component SDI request name.
SDI EDIT may be used to change other parameters associated with the alert including:
  • Cost Center
  • Update Qualifier (Field)
  • Method of Delivery
  • Email ID
  • Print Format
  • Run Frequency
  • Search Query
View search examples here.

Discover additional information on how to use commands at STN Commands and Quick Reference Resources.

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Search Tip of the Month
Ever forget to check the abbreviations list when creating your search term strategy? STN makes it easy to never miss abbreviated terms again. The SET ABBREVIATION command specifies whether a specific database producer’s standard abbreviations of search terms should be added automatically in the SEARCH and QUERY commands in English language databases. In this example, learn more about Abbreviations in Chemical Abstracts (CA) Databases.

Faced with a challenging search or require comprehensive results? Contact the expert research staff at Science IP.

CAS Customer Center Q&A

Each month we’ll provide answers to real customer questions.

Q. How often are Conference Abstract and Conference Review records added to Embase?

A. Conference Abstracts and Conference Reviews follow the normal daily update schedule for new Embase content.

Q. What are the sources of Embase conference information?

A. The majority of the Conference Abstract records are from conferences published within journals, but some content is from book series.

October 2012: In this Issue

Upcoming Training

For on-demand STN training resources, please visit CAS Learning Solutions at http://learning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and quick reference cards are available to help new users with Learning Solutions.

STN Patent Forum
October 22, 2012
9:00 am - 4:00 pm (includes lunch)
NE PIUG Meeting
Email to register.

STN e-Seminars

November 27
1:00 pm EST
STN: What’s New on STN

December 18
1:00 pm EST
Biomedical Databases on STN

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STN Patents and Pizza in Alexandria, VA

October 9
11:45 am - 1:00 pm
Search for Catalysts and Enzymes
Email to register.

November 13
11:45 am – 1:00 pm
Search for Inorganic Substances in CAS REGISTRY
Email to register.

December 11
11:45 am – 1:00 pm
Chemical and Physical Property Searches in CAS REGISTRY
Email to register.

FIZ Karlsruhe e-Seminars

October 4
FIZ AutoDoc: The Simple Solution from Search Results to Full-text Documents

October 10
Current Awareness Searching in STN Patent Databases

October 18
Current Awareness Searching in STN Patent Databases

November 8
Structure Searching in Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) Using STN Express®

November 15
Searching Patent Office Classifications on STN

November 29
Searching Patent Office Classifications on STN

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Upcoming Tradeshows

October 1-3
Doha, Qatar
3rd Annual Global Petrochemicals Technology Conference

October 1-5
Mugla, Turkey
National Chemistry Congress

October 9-16
Bethesda, Maryland
Annual NIH Research Festival Exhibit

October 14-17
ICIC 2012

October 17-19
Busan, Korea
Korean Chemical Society Fall Meeting

October 22-26
New Brunswick, NJ
PIUG Northeast Workshop

October 25-27
Washington, D.C.

Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers Fall Meeting

Korean Private University Library Association Fall Conference


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