New STN Revolutionizes Patent Searching


New STN Revolutionizes Patent Searching

The new STN® platform delivers essential value-added content from Chemical Abstracts Service databases and Thomson Reuters' Derwent World Patent Index®, along with global full-text patent information, in an intuitive, powerful interface designed for professional IP searching. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, new STN revolutionizes patent searching by making it possible to explore the unique content STN offers to quickly find answers and develop unique insights.

"The new STN platform is very fast, and can handle almost any query that an information professional can throw at it. It opens up an entirely new class of questions that can be explored."  To read more, click here.
                                      Tony Trippe, Managing Director, Patinformatics, LLC

Additional features and content are being actively developed for the new STN platform. Click here to find out what's included in the latest release.

New STN is currently available to all fixed-fee and Global Value Pricing customers at


New STN improves efficiency and enhances your search experience with:

  • Project-oriented workflow
  • Simultaneous query and results interaction
  • Integrated real-time analysis
  • Faster search execution - up to 15 times faster for some searches
  • Virtually limitless search power

The intuitive interface provides an integrated, efficient search experience with a project-oriented workflow.


Cutting-edge technology delivers unparalleled search power and specialized features that empower you to answer business-critical questions fast.


New STN offers unique features such as the Extended Patent Family Table that integrates patent information from CAplusSM, Derwent World Patents Index®, INPADOC and full-text databases to quickly provide a complete view of an invention.


    Integrated real-time analysis supports quick and efficient exploration, evaluation and refinement of search results. This enables you to extract valuable insights from the broad STN content.


    Development of the new STN platform is a multi-year initiative. The classic STN platform, including STN Express®, will remain fully-supported throughout development of new STN. Experienced STN searchers are encouraged to use the additional search power and features new STN provides to enhance your work. Look for more content and exciting  features coming soon.

    New STN News

    • Latest release of new STN expands global patent coverage and enhances search capabilities (July 2014)
    • New STN Platform Enhancements Available, Increase Efficiency of Search Workflow (March 2014)
    • Version Two of New STN Delivers Global Patent Content and New Features (December 2013)
    • Launch of Version One of New STN (July 2013)

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