SciFinder Client Version Training and Support


Beginner and intermediate training topics are available.

  • How To Guides (PDF)

SciFinder How To Guides are quick overviews of SciFinder's basic functionality. These guides are designed for the beginning user.

  • SciFinder Strategies (PDF)

Designed for the intermediate user, SciFinder Strategies help illustrate specific search strategies for:

      • Small-molecule searching
      • Synthetic chemistry
      • Polymer chemistry


  • Getting Started (PDF)
    • SciFinder 2007 for Windows (PDF)
    • SciFinder 2007 for Mac OS X (PDF)



Technical Support

Contact CAS Customer Center for technical support for the client version of SciFinder.

SciFinder Administrators

Key Contacts:  Read about moving to the web version.  For information about enabling access to the web version at your organization, contact CAS Customer Center.

Visit myCAS to download SciFinder software and access documentation, reports, and other administrative features.  To log on to myCAS, use your SciFinder administrative login ID and password.


Moving to the Web version

CAS is transitioning customers to the Web version of SciFinder. Further information is available based your market segment.

  • Commercial and Government
  • Academic 
  • Contact Us

    E-mail   Phone & Fax   800-753-4227 (North America)
        614-447-3731 (Worldwide)
        614-447-3751 (Fax)

    Contact Us

    E-mail   Phone & Fax   800-753-4227 (North America)
        614-447-3700 (Worldwide)
        614-447-3751 (Fax)