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RaQualia introduces the SciFinder® API first in Japan

October  24, 2013 - 

SciFinder API makes drug discovery research more efficient

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), the world’s authority for chemical information, announced in June that the SciFinder interface enabled a range of APIs designed to streamline researchers’ workflows. We are pleased to announce that RaQualia Pharma Inc. is the first company in Japan to introduce the SciFinder API. The SciFinder API enables RaQualia researchers to seamlessly link their internal tools with SciFinder and the CAS databases.

“Direct access to the contents of SciFinder across the most-used internal platform and tools leads to efficient research activities,” said Kyoko Ueno, general manager of information services and marketing division at JAICI. “As the provider of SciFinder in Japan, we are delighted that researchers of RaQualia will be able to utilize the SciFinder API capabilities.” 

RaQualia is a research company based in Taketoyo, Aichi (Japan). “We made the decision to introduce the SciFinder API to more seamlessly carry out our mission to accelerate drug discovery research,” said Hiroaki Wakabayashi, department of information manager at RaQualia. “SciFinder is an indispensable tool for drug discovery research and we have been interested in the SciFinder API for a long time. Creating links between internal tools and SciFinder provides our scientists with rapid access to important information. When our scientists can access the contents of SciFinder seamlessly with internal information, we can expect increased efficiency in their research activities.”

If your organization would like to learn more, contact JAICI.


About CAS

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), a division of the American Chemical Society, is the world's authority for chemical information. CAS is the only organization in the world whose objective is to find, collect and organize all publicly disclosed substance information. A team of scientists worldwide curates and controls the quality of our databases, which are recognized as the most comprehensive and authoritative by chemical and pharmaceutical companies, universities, government organizations and patent offices around the world. By combining these databases with advanced search and analysis technologies (SciFinder® and STN®), CAS delivers the most current, complete, secure and interlinked digital information environment for scientific discovery.

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