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CAS Names 16 Outstanding Ph.D. Chemistry Students to 2011 SciFinder Academic Exchange Program

June  21, 2011 - 

Select student group to discuss global trends in chemistry and advance the science of infomatics 

COLUMBUS, Ohio (June 21, 2011) - Sixteen outstanding Ph.D. students from schools in 13 countries will gather in Columbus, Ohio, this August to collaborate with Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) as members of the 2011 SciFinder Academic Exchange Program. The SciFinder Academic Exchange participants will spend one week meeting with CAS senior management, editorial scientists and technical specialists to advise and discuss insights on global trends in chemistry from the perspective of young scientists and to help advance the science of informatics.

The 2011 SciFinder Academic Exchange Program builds upon the success of last year's inaugural student exchange program. Members of the program's Class of 2011 announced today are:

  • Pradeep Chopra, Griffith University (Australia)
  • Luis Alejandro Sanhueza Vega, Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile (Chile)
  • Yuanqing Gu, Zhejiang University (China)
  • Luoyi Wang, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica (China)
  • Mariliis Sihtme, Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia)
  • Frank Sartorius, University of Freiburg (Germany)
  • Subha B, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (India)
  • Uri Green, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
  • Gherardo Gliozzi, University of Bologna (Italy)
  • Sachiyo Nakanowatari, The University of Tokyo (Japan)
  • Thomas Eaton, University of Basel (Switzerland)
  • Elham Hosseini Nejad, Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands)
  • Luyun Jiang, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)
  • Michal Kliman, Vanderbilt University (United States)
  • Christine E. Lemon, The Ohio State University (United States)
  • Dadasaheb V. Patil, Georgia Institute of Technology (United States)

As members of the 2011 SciFinder Academic Exchange Program, participants will receive an exclusive look inside the world's premier organization for chemical information as well as travel to the 242nd American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition in Denver, Colo.

"Coinciding with the International Year of Chemistry, it is no coincidence that this year's academic exchange class fully embodies the IYC 2011 theme, Chemistry--our life, our future," said Christine McCue, vice president of marketing, CAS. "By partnering with a globally and scientifically diverse group of outstanding chemistry students, we are able to learn about developing trends and broaden our mutual perspectives of the current chemical and scientific research community. These interactive exchanges will help us to even better serve scientists who rely on CAS products and services to perform their critical research projects."

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