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SciFinder® offers many powerful features, including:

  • Experimental procedures - to help make, better and faster research decisions
  • Substance relevance ranking - to present the best answers first
  • Bioactivity and target indicators - to gain greater insight at the early stages of biological discovery efforts
  • Markush searching - to assist with preliminary IP assessments
  • SciPlanner - to help design synthesis plans and easily manage, organize and share search results

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Download the User Registration Guide (PDF) and follow the step-by-step registration instructions.

A campus email is required for registration with the suffix "" After you submit the registration form, CAS will send you an email with instructions for completing the registration process. The registration confirmation email may be identified as spam by your email application, so check your spam folder. 

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While proxy access is not required to access SciFinder, a VPN or proxy connection can be used to access SciFinder anytime, anywhere.

(The above statements regarding VPN and Proxy server access should be modified according to your institutions specific access conditions)

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