Early Transition to Web version

Moving to the Web version of SciFinder® prior to the planned transition date  (for SciFinder Administrators and Key Contacts at Commercial and Government organizations)

(June 7, 2013 for customers in Taiwan and September 9, 2013 for customers in Japan).

If your organization would like to transition to the Web version of SciFinder before the  deadline, you can start the process now. Send an email to GoToSFWeb@cas.org and please include the following information:

  • Your organization's name, address and your target date for client discontinuation
  • Your desired customized client "Message of the Day" text (see examples below). (Note: if you do not request a customized message, the standard message will be used and will include your targeted transition date.)

Note: You may request a customized client Message of the Day even if your organization is not making an early transition. Send your request to GoToSFWeb@cas.org.

Upon receipt of your request, CAS will email you an acknowledgement with additional information and instructions.

Changing the SciFinder Client "Message of the Day"

One way to spread the word about the transition is through a customized "Message of the Day" (MOTD) in the SciFinder client software. This option is available to all SciFinder Administrators, regardless of when you transition to the Web version.

Here are a couple of examples you might want to use or modify:

Example 1: CAS is discontinuing this desktop/client version of SciFinder on [date]. For more information, please visit /movetoweb/. You can begin using the Web version with your existing username and password at https://scifinder.cas.org.

If you have questions, please contact [name of SciFinder Administrator] at [email address of SciFinder Administrator] or [phone number of SciFinder Administrator].

Example 2: On [date], access to SciFinder will be through the Web version only; Desktop/client access will no longer be available. Sign in to scifinder.cas.org to begin using the Web version.

Additional information about the Web version of SciFinder is available at [your organization's SciFinder information URL].

As noted above, SciFinder Administrators can request a customized Message of the Day via email to GoToSFWeb@cas.org. Be sure to include your target discontinuation date! You will be notified via email when your custom message has been posted.

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