Transition to the Web Version of SciFinder

CAS plans to complete the transition of eligible commercial and government customers to the Web version of SciFinder® .

Nearly all of our customers have made the transition to the Web version, and we are committed to ensuring that all customers have the best SciFinder experience possible. We recognize that some organizations are in the midst of browser or operating system upgrades, and we are eager to adjust our planning, if needed, for your particular organization. (Download a PDF document with highlights of expectations for transitioning to the Web version.)

SciFinder Administrators (Key Contacts)

If your organization:

  • Can transition to the Web version of SciFinder by your deadline, no additional action is required on your part.
  • Would like to transition to the Web version of SciFinder before the deadline - or -  if you would like to use a custom "Message of the Day" in the SciFinder client to promote your organization's transition, follow these instructions.

You can help your colleagues in this transition by:

  • Directing them to this page for more information about the transition.
  • Informing them of the many advantages of the Web version of SciFinder, including:
    • Experimental procedures - to make better synthetic research decisions faster
    • Bioactivity and target indicators - to gain greater insight into the early stages of biological discovery efforts
    • Markush searching - to perform preliminary IP assessment
    • SciPlannerTM - to identify alternative approaches for designing synthesis pathways 
  • Downloading and distributing a promotional flyer (~936K PDF).

You can request additional promotional materials by email.

For any other questions, please contact your SciFinder Sales representative or the CAS Customer Center.

SciFinder Users

What will occur?

On your organization's planned transition date:

  • Researchers will no longer be able to access SciFinder content and features via the client software.
  • Keep Me Posted (KMP) profiles set up in the client will no longer run.
  • Anyone attempting to sign in to the client version will see the following message: "SciFinder has been replaced with the Web version of SciFinder at your organization. You can begin exploring with the Web version of SciFinder at".

What should I do?

To help ensure a smooth transition to the Web version, you may wish to acquaint yourself with one or more of the following resources:

Resources to assist you with the transition to the Web version:

Use the free SciFinder file conversion tool to convert saved answer sets in the client version (.sfr format) to the new Web format (.akx).

Note: Before using this tool, copy all saved client answer sets to a folder other than the SciFinder client directory. Otherwise, they will be deleted when the client software is uninstalled.

The following interactive tutorials demonstrate how to create and convert Keep Me Posted (KMP) alerts:

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