Code of Conduct for CAS Sales and Marketing Representatives

Purpose: CAS is dedicated to supporting research around the world. Our primary values are quality, comprehensiveness, honesty, fair pricing and high levels of integrity in managing all aspects of our operations and selling and promoting our services. CAS, in general, does not publicly make "comparison claims" against the services or products of any third party. In keeping with these principles, this code documents the expectations for CAS staff and representatives with regard to interactions with customers and the public.

Principles: CAS representatives will:

  1. First and foremost, explain and demonstrate the value of CAS services and databases using factual, verifiable information that aids in customers making purchase decisions or decisions on how best to deploy CAS resources.
  2. Not disparage or criticize chemical information products or services from other organizations, or the organizations themselves.
  3. Not recommend that customers discontinue or reduce purchases of other services. This is solely the customers decision. CAS does not request or recommend that other services be discontinued or reduced nor will that affect the price offered by CAS.
  4. Offer only factual information of comparisons to other products when requested by a customer. CAS representatives are within their rights to make comparisons based on either the sales materials or public statements (e.g., on websites) of any third-party product. For example, if a product is known to be updated monthly, it is fair to compare that to CAS daily updating; this should be done only if there is a valid "citation" for the claim about the third-party product.
  5. Correct blatant misstatements about CAS, its services or databases, whether in a public forum or more restricted venues. If false statements are made in a public setting, the representative should use his/her best judgment as to the appropriateness of speaking out at the time. Staff should take into account all relevant factors, including the cultural appropriateness and the physical setting. While the determination of a suitable response is within the discretion of the representative, it is CAS' policy that demonstrably incorrect statements (e.g., false statements about the number of small molecules in the CAS REGISTRY database) require reasonable action by the representative in attendance.

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