CHEMCATS Chemical Supplier Program

Before heading to the lab, scientists worldwide use SciFinder® to plan their chemistry and related scientific research. CHEMCATS® (Chemical Catalogs), produced by CAS, is a catalog containing information about commercially available chemicals and worldwide suppliers.

Be part of the most authoritative, comprehensive and current source for scientists' R&D needs

SciFinder, produced by CAS, provides access to the most authoritative collection of chemistry. CAS is the only organization that can assign and verify CAS Registry Numbers®.

Finding information to order chemicals is one of the most frequently used features in SciFinder. Researchers say SciFinder informs 50% of these decisions.

A single click gives scientists instant access to commercial suppliers participating in CHEMCATS to purchase the chemicals they need..

SciFinder is the preferred chemistry research solution around the world

  • SciFinder is used by hundreds of thousands of scientists in more than 80 countries every day
  • The top 100 universities and consortia in the world use SciFinder
  • 90% of the top chemical companies worldwide use SciFinder
  • 92% of the top biotech companies globally use SciFinder
  • 96% of the top pharmaceutical companies globally use SciFinder
  • SciFinder users have access to the most accurate collection of fine chemicals

CHEMCATS Participating and Additional Benefits

CHEMCATS chemical suppliers pay an annual participation fee. Additional options available for purchase include:

Featured Listings - Jump above search results, including preferred suppliers, with featured listings for your products. A featured listing includes your company logo. Up to three featured listings will be presented above the search results to increase visibility and aid conversion. Limited to three supplier partners in 2015, available on a first come basis.

Company Logo - Stand out and apart from your competitors in search results with the company logo option. Every time one of your company's products is displayed in the search results set, it will include your company's logo.

CAS Registry Number Service - Use CAS Registry Numbers in your catalog to ensure your customers are ordering exactly what they need. The CAS Registry Number Service delivers a list of CAS Registry Numbers for all supplier catalog items in SciFinder.

Professional Services provided by Science IP - Professional Services can be used for any services offered by Science IP, including but not limited to resolving substance identity issues, providing detailed substance information, providing literature and patent references for substances, as well as answering competitive intelligence questions.

‚ÄčOn the CHEMCATS Supplier Data Submission web page, there is more information on the data submission requirements and additional benefits information.

The following links provide additional information on preparing and submitting your chemical catalog for inclusion in CHEMCATS: