Chemical Suppliers - CHEMCATS - Find commercially available chemicals, pricing and supplier contact information

Benefit to you

The next time you have to order chemicals, you can quickly find the catalog information you need. You will find the following information (depending on the supplier):

  • Catalog name
  • Order number
  • Chemical and trade names
  • CAS Registry Number®
  • Chemical structure
  • Pricing terms
  • Supplier contact information:
    • Company name and address
    • Phone and fax number
    • E-mail
    • Web address

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Note: If you are a supplier of commercially available chemicals and would like to have your information considered for inclusion in CHEMCATS, please e-mail us at or visit CHEMCATS Supplier Information. CAS reserves the right to review and approve all requests for inclusion in CHEMCATS.





CHEMCATS (Chemical Catalogs Online), produced by CAS, is a catalog database containing information about commercially available chemicals and their worldwide suppliers. CHEMCATS contains:

  • More than 94 million commercially-available products
  • More than 980 chemical catalogs
  • More than 870 suppliers
  • More than 28 million unique CAS Registry Numbers

How do we count

CHEMCATS consists of commercially available products. Products listed by vendors as different catalog items may reflect various factors, such as purity, grade, or quantity.


Catalogs and chemical libraries from 2013 to present.

Update frequency

Updated at least two times per week with new and revised catalog information.

Sample record from SciFinder®

Commercial supplier information from SciFinder  

CAS products

You can use the following CAS products to search CHEMCATS:

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